How to learn any foreign language fast

I got the idea to learn new languages as seeing a large number of my international partners’ Linkedin profiles that they can speak 2-3 languages. About efficiency, it is frankly ridiculous due to using frequency in contrast to English. English proficiency is enough for professional and conversational purposes.

Then I realize how attractive it is if you can communicate in several languages. That is why headlines about someone who can speak many languages always catch my eyes. Actually, that is only 1 side. Knowing a variety of languages will boost your chances to get jobs in foreign countries. Illustratre you know Chinese, then you have a higher probability of employment in Hongkong, Shanghai, Singapore or even the US if they are seeking to someone taking care of Great China market but the job is based in the States.

In addition, learning new languages leads to brain creativity and enhances memory and it gives us challenges as we are striving to learn English.

We all know the huge benefits but how we master new languages with no hassle in our busy-ness today is a matter. It is not a slick thing as we struggle with English. Then I do some research and it turns out there are some approaches to “hack” it.

If you are a fan of” The 4-hour work week” book, we should search for effective ways in fewer efforts.

The critical role of language learning is about communication. We have to make other understand you. Our education system fails to do that. We can write very well, grammar is perfect, but we can not speak or native people do not get what you say.

Pronunciation is the most critical element. Focus on this.
In terms of vocabulary, applying the Pareto principal speeds up language acquisition.

The following articles are quite full of instruction:

Then we can learn on Duo Lingo, it is an awesome app which teaches u vocabulary in gamification

P.S: I am learning German 15-20 minutes a day. I will update u how this approach works for me so far.

How to learn any foreign language fast

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